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Jon Kutsmeda

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Finance Expert.

Jonathan Kutsmeda is a successful entrepreneur and real estate finance expert.

Whether it be providing out-of-the-box solutions to his mortgage clients, or elite-level mentorship to business owners, Jon is in a class all of his own.


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Written by Jon Kutsmeda

Sep 17 2021

The New Renaissance

  The EVOLUTION of technology is leading to a REVOLUTION of financial independence.   A new renaissance if you will, where creativity, ingenuity, and ...
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Sep 9 2021

Rearview Mirror Mortgage Finance

  DID YOU KNOW …   The Federal Reserve does NOT control mortgage rates?   You might hear that “The Fed has raised / ...
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Sep 8 2021

Poverty of the Mind

  Perception is reality. The thing that is most likely holding you back is your mindset. The word “can’t” should be eliminated from your ...
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Sep 6 2021

Use Your Time Wisely

  Do you recall as kid when you and your friends got in trouble?   Did you use the excuse “because they were doing ...
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Sep 4 2021

Finding God

  Religion never resonated with me, I think because so much of people's "faith" is based on the beliefs with which they were raised. ...
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Sep 2 2021

Optionality and the Need for Certainty

  2020 triggered all kinds of emotions - whether it was related to COVID, the election, social issues, or the market crash, we all ...
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