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Jon Kutsmeda

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Finance Expert

Jonathan Kutsmeda, CEO of a real estate consulting and mortgage banking firm headquartered in Hawaii, is a highly regarded thought leader in the world of finance and real estate investing.

Written by Jon Kutsmeda

Jul 24 2021


WOULD YOU RISK IT ALL?   If you had $1 million dollars would you risk it all to “possibly” make $10 million?   If ...
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Jun 26 2021

Off With Their Heads!

There is a hot debate over whether government and central bank policies are inflationary or deflationary.   Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) is when the Federal ...
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Apr 11 2021

$100 Million Dollar Investment Advice

I recently commented on a Twitter post that proposed the question, if you had $100 million dollars what three assets would you invest in ...
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Man handing over money - law of recuperation

Jun 4 2019

Low Rate does NOT equal a better Mortgage

LOW RATE “DOES NOT” MEAN YOU ARE GETTING THE BEST LOAN Yes, you read that correctly.You have been misled to think that low rate ...
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Rent or Own? - Man Stands at Crossroads

May 29 2019

Your Home is NOT an Asset

I’m often challenged on a core principle of real estate investing, which is that the buying a primary residence is NOT an investment. By ...
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Upside Down House - Fix and Flip Investing

May 22 2019

The Fix and Flip Danger Zone

The Fix and Flip Danger Zone ... TWO TYPES OF REAL ESTATE INVESTORS There are two primary types of real estate investors, the “Buy-and-Hold” ...
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