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Jon Kutsmeda

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Finance Expert.

Jonathan Kutsmeda is a successful entrepreneur and real estate finance expert.

Whether it be providing out-of-the-box solutions to his mortgage clients, or elite-level mentorship to business owners, Jon is in a class all of his own.


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Written by Jon Kutsmeda

Oct 1 2021

The Secret to Success

The gift is you can do anything you want.   The burden is choosing because you cannot do everything.   Variety is a potent ...
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Sep 27 2021

Be Like Water My Friend

Check in with yourself.   Make sure you take time to recharge your battery.   Seriously, you need to disconnect.   If your weekend ...
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Sep 26 2021

Where Are You Going?

  The fastest way from A to B is ...   Well, first of all, where are you going?   Without a clear goal ...
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Sep 23 2021

3 Steps to Get What You Want in Life

  In this video I share 3 things that have been on my mind after recent conversations with people I am mentoring.     ...
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Sep 21 2021

Start Today

  Here is a little montage of Monday Motivation.   I put together a few clips from a rainy afternoon workout.     Yeah, ...
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Sep 17 2021

The New Renaissance

  The EVOLUTION of technology is leading to a REVOLUTION of financial independence.   A new renaissance if you will, where creativity, ingenuity, and ...
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