Airbnb Financing

It’s an exciting time in the real estate market, and never before has there been so many opportunities to make money and build wealth in real estate.

The Airbnb phenomenon has already swept the nation, in fact it’s taken over the world.

It’s not just for backpackers on a budget. World travelers of all ages and budgets have adopted Airbnb as a trusted option for safe and affordable travel accommodation. In fact, it’s become the preferred option when traveling throughout the United States.

New real estate millionaires are being born every day with the help of vacation rentals and the significant income advantage the service offers compared to the traditional longer term rental ... that is, if you can secure the necessary financing to purchase an investment property.

Conventional financing requires significant paperwork and has strict requirements for approval.

However, with AirbnbFinancing.com we’ve designed a lending program that fits the new Airbnb real estate investor who is looking to grow their investment property portfolio, or join the already millionaires of real estate entrepreneurs who are quitting their jobs to become full-time Airbnb hosts.

We are not suggesting you leave your job, but the good news is even if you can’t document your income you can still get APPROVED. That is because Airbnb Financing provides investment property financing without any income requirements!

We also approve loans based on just $1 of cash-flow. If you have a cash-flowing property, or can show that it will cash-flow based on the rent for similar properties in the area, then no other income is required and the loan is APPROVED.

I am both an Airbnb host and frequent user of the vacation rental experience. I even wrote an digital book on the topic, called 7 Rules to Building Wealth, which you can access on my FREE STUFF page.

When you are ready, I look forward to guiding you not only with your financing strategy but can also help ensure your business plan is designed for success and growth – after all I want to help you finance more than one property and build an Airbnb empire!

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