Jonathan E. Kutsmeda

Off With Their Heads!

There is a hot debate over whether government and central bank policies are inflationary or deflationary.   Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) is when the Federal Reserve conducts open market operations by buying assets, such as government bonds, direct from broker dealers and/or banks.   This sounds like “money printing” but it’s actually not, as the only …

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$100 Million Dollar Investment Advice

I recently commented on a Twitter post that proposed the question, if you had $100 million dollars what three assets would you invest in over the next 5-years.   Here is a snapshot of how I responded:     There was a frightening majority of people who said “Bitcoin” for all three. I’m quite enthusiastic …

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Man handing over money - law of recuperation

Low Rate does NOT equal a better Mortgage

LOW RATE “DOES NOT” MEAN YOU ARE GETTING THE BEST LOAN Yes, you read that correctly. You have been misled to think that low rate “always” means a better loan … however this is FALSE. Banks and amateur loan officers love to push low rate on homeowners. They try to convince you to pay “points”, …

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