Boost Your Financial I.Q.

I understand that these more granular finance topics aren’t very sexy, but how can anyone make sound financial decisions when the foundation of knowledge on which they are based is flawed.
Unfortunately the financial media most people trust is not held to any kind of standard.
As a result media giants like CNBC spin misinformation based on false narratives for the purpose of engagement or to further an agenda.
This is why they are nicknamed “Pumps-R-Us” by experienced finance aficionados.
It’s hype and hot-air to suck people in at market tops so early participants can profit at their expense.
Two of my recent blog posts start to scratch the surface on topics like quantitative easing and “money printing”.
The quote in the image above is from the post entitled “Off With Their Heads“.



The other recent blog post is called “Inflation vs. Deflation“.



I go even deeper on topics like these in newsletters I share with my subscribers.
Although the information there gets a little more dense, I make it fun and understandable regardless your level.
The goal is to give you facts about how our monetary system actually works, so you don’t get misled by false narratives and hyperbole.
The reality is no one knows how things will play out day-to-day, let alone long term.
Add to that current monetary experiments like Q.E., and the future becomes quite murky.
However, if you are equipped with more factual knowledge, then you can start making your own decisions.
You will be surprised how quickly you can up your financial IQ when you have a solid foundation on which to build.
It won’t take long for you to realize most people are full of $h!t.
While you are here on my website, I encourage you to look for the SUBSCRIBE button and sign-up for free, so you get access to my more in-depth publications.
I don’t SPAM and I don’t pitch. I just educate and try to make people laugh a little in the process.


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