Aug 4 2022

The Dual Mandate

THE DUAL MANDATE   The Federal Reserve, the US Central Bank, is as “federal” as Federal Express (FedEx).   They are a privately held bank, owned by many of the country’s largest banks. This seems like a conflict of interest, but that is a rabbit hole we can go down another time. Congress granted The …

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Oct 1 2021

The Secret to Success

The gift is you can do anything you want.   The burden is choosing because you cannot do everything.   Variety is a potent drug.   It is where procrastination likes to hide.   Be clear about your mission and set goals to guide your way.     Discipline is more powerful than motivation, so …

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Sep 26 2021

Where Are You Going?

  The fastest way from A to B is …   Well, first of all, where are you going?   Without a clear goal in mind you have no chance of reaching your destination because it doesn’t exist … yet.   The actual saying goes “the fastest way between two points is a straight line”. …

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Sep 23 2021

3 Steps to Get What You Want in Life

  In this video I share 3 things that have been on my mind after recent conversations with people I am mentoring.     I’m sharing this information with you based on my own personal journey with self-development as a life long entrepreneur.   Because I lacked mentorship at various stages in my careers I …

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Sep 21 2021

Start Today

  Here is a little montage of Monday Motivation.   I put together a few clips from a rainy afternoon workout.     Yeah, I didn’t feel like doing it today.   The rain would have been a perfect excuse.   However, I pushed myself to get out there and make it happen.   I …

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Sep 8 2021

Poverty of the Mind

  Perception is reality.   The thing that is most likely holding you back is your mindset.   The word “can’t” should be eliminated from your vocabulary.     Next time you want to use “can’t” change it to “I CHOOSE” and remind yourself what you actually should do instead of saying “can’t”.   For …

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Sep 6 2021

Use Your Time Wisely

  Do you recall as kid when you and your friends got in trouble?   Did you use the excuse “because they were doing it” to justify your dumb behavior?   If your parents were anything like mine, they probably retorted: “Just because your friends jump off a bridge, it doesn’t mean you follow them.” …

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Jul 24 2021

Would You Risk it All?

  If you had $1 million dollars would you risk it all to “possibly” make $10 million?   If you had $10M would you risk it all for $100M?   If you had $100M would you risk it all for $1 billion?   Billionaires make their fortunes by taking BIG RISKS.   Whether you like …

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Apr 11 2021

$100 Million Dollar Investment Advice

I recently commented on a Twitter post that proposed the question, if you had $100 million dollars what three assets would you invest in over the next 5-years.   Here is a snapshot of how I responded:     There was a frightening majority of people who said “Bitcoin” for all three. I’m quite enthusiastic …

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