Apr 11 2021

$100 Million Dollar Investment Advice

I recently commented on a Twitter post that proposed the question, if you had $100 million dollars what three assets would you invest in over the next 5-years. Here is a snapshot of how I responded:   There was a frightening majority of people who said “Bitcoin” for all three. I’m quite enthusiastic about crypto …

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Man handing over money - law of recuperation

Jun 4 2019

Low Rate does NOT equal a better Mortgage

LOW RATE “DOES NOT” MEAN YOU ARE GETTING THE BEST LOAN Yes, you read that correctly. You have been misled to think that low rate “always” means a better loan … however this is FALSE. Banks and amateur loan officers love to push low rate on homeowners. They try to convince you to pay “points”, …

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Rent or Own? - Man Stands at Crossroads

May 29 2019

Your Home is NOT an Asset

I’m often challenged on a core principle of real estate investing, which is that the buying a primary residence is NOT an investment. By no means am I the first person to argue that a home is a liability, not an asset … and I imagine those who have come before me have heard the …

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Upside Down House - Fix and Flip Investing

May 22 2019

The Fix and Flip Danger Zone

The Fix and Flip Danger Zone … TWO TYPES OF REAL ESTATE INVESTORS There are two primary types of real estate investors, the “Buy-and-Hold” investor and the “Fix-and-Flip” investor. It’s important to understand that buying a primary residence, a property that you live in as your “home”, with expectations that the property will be worth …

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May 11 2019

$8 Trillion Dollar Ticking Time Bomb

The $8 Trillion Dollar Ticking Time Bomb What will trigger the next market crash? Jeffrey Gundlach, often referred to as the “Bond King”, shared his thoughts on this matter recently during a brief television interview. “The U.S. Deficit and the National Debt are totally out of control” Mr. Gundlach proclaimed. We should share his concern, …

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May 4 2019

Never Have a Bad Week Again

Never have a bad week again ... How to audit your week, celebrate daily progress, and other practical advice for a happier life.
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Apr 15 2019

The Truth About Income Tax

You pay income taxes NOT to fund public services, but in order to pay the interest payments on government debt controlled by a privately owned central bank.
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