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Sep 17 2021

The New Renaissance

  The EVOLUTION of technology is leading to a REVOLUTION of financial independence.   A new renaissance if you will, where creativity, ingenuity, and defiance for doing things the “old way” has fractured the power chain of global elites.   It’s more than a cultural push back.   Life progresses, and human innovation leads the …

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Sep 9 2021

Rearview Mirror Mortgage Finance

  DID YOU KNOW …   The Federal Reserve does NOT control mortgage rates?   You might hear that “The Fed has raised / lowered rates”.   That statement is actually referring to the “Fed Funds Rate”, an overnight lending rate for large financial institutions.   The “Fed Funds” is not tied to mortgage rates, …

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Sep 8 2021

Poverty of the Mind

  Perception is reality. The thing that is most likely holding you back is your mindset. The word “can’t” should be eliminated from your vocabulary.     Next time you want to use “can’t” change it to “I CHOOSE” and remind yourself what you actually should do instead of saying “can’t”.   For example, I …

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Sep 6 2021

Use Your Time Wisely

  Do you recall as kid when you and your friends got in trouble?   Did you use the excuse “because they were doing it” to justify your dumb behavior?   If your parents were anything like mine, they probably retorted: “Just because your friends jump off a bridge, it doesn’t mean you follow them.” …

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Sep 4 2021

Finding God

  Religion never resonated with me, I think because so much of people’s “faith” is based on the beliefs with which they were raised.   The reason you pray to your “God” and not another has almost everything to do with where you were born.   So few people think for themselves, and seek their …

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Sep 2 2021

Optionality and the Need for Certainty

  2020 triggered all kinds of emotions – whether it was related to COVID, the election, social issues, or the market crash, we all experienced our own rollercoaster ride.   It’s not easy to be stoic and levelheaded in the face of chaos, especially when it is so relentless.   Everyone experienced some form of …

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Sep 1 2021

Buy with Emotion, Justify with Logic

    People buy with emotion, then justify with logic.     However the housing market this past year, driven almost entirely by emotion, has defied logic.   Making a decision when in an emotional state rarely yields positive results.   This will likely be true for the cohort of people who recently FOMO bought …

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Aug 31 2021

Boost Your Financial I.Q.

  I understand that these more granular finance topics aren’t very sexy, but how can anyone make sound financial decisions when the foundation of knowledge on which they are based is flawed.   Unfortunately the financial media most people trust is not held to any kind of standard.   As a result media giants like …

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Aug 28 2021

Inflation vs. Deflation

  On Friday the Chairmen of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, shared remarks on the Fed’s current economic outlook, while hinting at future monetary policy.     As I had explained in an earlier blog post, there is a hot debate over whether government and central bank policies are inflationary or deflationary.   Quantitative Easing …

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