Finding God

Religion never resonated with me, I think because so much of people’s “faith” is based on the beliefs with which they were raised.
The reason you pray to your “God” and not another has almost everything to do with where you were born.
So few people think for themselves, and seek their own truth.
Believe what you want, but perhaps first stop to ask yourself if it is really “your” belief at all.



Spirituality is finding a connection to something greater than yourself without the rules or boundaries imposed on you by religion … and without judgement of how others find their own spiritual connection.
People who lack spirituality will project their fears on other people, whether it be in the form of religion, politics, or culture.
So little of what we believe or hold onto as beliefs are reality.
After all, reality is different for all of us based on our own unique lives and how we internalize each experience.
Embrace spirituality, free yourself of religion, and you might find the true meaning of God.


I’m speaking about your God, not mine, not anyone else’s.
That to me is spirituality, at least that’s how I interpret it, but we are all free to find that connection in our own way.
When we find that deeper connection we become more patient and understanding of others.
Because we no longer need anyone to accept what we believe in order for it to be real to us.
Good luck on your journey of spirituality, it is yours and yours alone, and that is a true blessing.
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