Originally from the Philadelphia area, I moved to Hawaii shortly after graduating University where I launched my first company in 2009, which is still successful today.

Before moving to Puerto Rico in 2019, I spent several years living abroad and acquired permanent residencies in four different foreign countries.

This was long before “remote work” was even a trend, let alone an accepted norm like it is today.

As a result of this trail blazing, and my own first-hand experiences, I understand the strategic advantages of creating multiple pillars of wealth and the importance of legally reducing tax liabilities.

I can help you compound wealth faster with hands-on assistance setting up and managing legal overseas tax strategies.

In this process, I can also guide you in the pursuit of a 2nd passport, or residency, one of the necessary pillars for preserving wealth and having true sovereignty.

Speaking of wealth, it is a new era of investing and a hyper-financialized global economy.

As a result, most investment strategies are outdated, making money for everyone but you.

I can help you better understand the current capital markets and the new rules of money, so you are able to invest confidently on your own and play the money game like a pro.


I can help you create the life you always wanted by becoming a YOLOpreneur, an entrepreneur who fully commits to their dream business without making the mistakes the impact lifestyle.

Let me show you how to harness your passions, while streamlining your business, allowing you live a more fulfilling life without sacrificing your financial goals.

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