Off With Their Heads!

There is a hot debate over whether government and central bank policies are inflationary or deflationary.
Quantitative Easing (Q.E.) is when the Federal Reserve conducts open market operations by buying assets, such as government bonds, direct from broker dealers and/or banks.
This sounds like “money printing” but it’s actually not, as the only way for money to circulate through the current credit based system is when banks lend.
But banks are not lending, at least not to the average Joe or small business owner.
“Kill the Rich” can seen written on a boarded up small business.


However, credit has never been cheaper or more easy to come by for the 1%, which means they can accumulate even more assets with risking very little of their own wealth.
Putting the complex finance talk aside, people are hurting, small businesses are shutting down, and people are no longer even seeking employment.
Meanwhile, Wall Street once again moves on unaffected by yet another financial crisis, at the future expense and labor of tax payers.
These days a lot more people are catching onto the “scam” and have been YOLO’ing into meme stocks like GameStop and AMC.



This is a small victory, and only for a few, but it’s not a game that everyone can play.
Therefore, the rest of the disheartened, distraught, and justly frustrated are looking for a different way to say “F you to the man”.
Unfortunately, until the wealth gap is addressed, a more fair system for all implemented, and the social fabric of our society repaired, that “F you” is most likely going to be exercised via social uprising and with violence.
Those in their ivory towers beware, the mob is never happy until there is blood.
Can you hear it? In the distance?
It is faint, but growing louder.
If you listen real close, you can hear them yell in chorus: “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”

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