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Jon Kutsmeda

Entrepreneur and Real Estate Finance Expert

Jonathan Kutsmeda, CEO of a real estate consulting and mortgage banking firm headquartered in Hawaii, is a highly regarded thought leader in the world of finance and real estate investing.

Written by Jon Kutsmeda

May 11 2019

$8 Trillion Dollar Ticking Time Bomb

The $8 Trillion Dollar Ticking Time Bomb What will trigger the next market crash? Jeffrey Gundlach, often referred to as the “Bond King”, shared ...
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May 4 2019

Never Have a Bad Week Again

Never have a bad week again ... How to audit your week, celebrate daily progress, and other practical advice for a happier life. THE ...
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Apr 15 2019

The Truth About Income Tax

Monday April 15th is tax day. I don’t know anyone who likes paying taxes, however there is a camp that believes taxes are a ...
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