Poverty of the Mind

Perception is reality.
The thing that is most likely holding you back is your mindset.
The word “can’t” should be eliminated from your vocabulary.


Next time you want to use “can’t” change it to “I CHOOSE” and remind yourself what you actually should do instead of saying “can’t”.
For example,
I choose to go home, instead of working later.
I choose to sit around, instead of exercising.
I choose to waste time watching TV, instead of expanding my knowledge with a book.
I choose to party on the weekend, instead of giving my body the rest it needs.
Put the responsibility back on you.
It’s not only about shifting your perspective, and owning your decisions, but it’s also about empowerment.
You are in control of your destiny.
You decide what type of life you get to live.
Some people have swear jars, where they put money in a jar whenever they cuss.
If you are truly committed to your success then create a “NEGATIVITY JAR”.
Have zero tolerance for negativity and punish yourself anytime you use words like “can’t” or “try”.
The Jedi Master Yoda said it best:
“Do, or do not, there is no try.”


Nothing great in life, comes easy, but of all the obstacles you will face along the way there is none more debilitating than negativity.
The most potent of them all is self-doubt.
It is a silent killer, an infection that slowly consumes the host and paralyzes it to an existence of mediocrity.
Your ability to achieve greatness is only limited by your imagination, and your imagination is only limited by your mindset.
Change your mindset and you will not only change how you see yourself, but how you see the world.
You will start to live in a mindset of abundance, and a reality of unlimited opportunities.
You will begin to accept that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.
When you make these shifts in mindset, you will realize that you are not a victim of fate, and that the only thing holding you back is yourself.
I believe in you. It is time that you did as well.



Are you ready to free yourself of self-doubt?
Are you ready to shift your mindset to one of abundance?
Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions?
Are you ready to destroy the victim mentality and own your destiny?
Are you ready to be the architect of the life YOU want to create?
Show me you are ready by commenting “YES” below in all capital letters.


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