Rate Crash Deja Vu


Last week the Fed hiked the “Fed Funds Rate” by 25 basis points (0.25%).

Today Fed Chairmen Jerome Powell made additional comments on how they (The Fed) plans to reign in inflation.

I summarize those comments in the image below.


It is said that markets never repeat, but they do rhyme.

The current soundtrack sounds a lot like the one from 2017.


I wrote several market updates between 2017 – 2018 addressing the same dynamics that are occurring today.

I later hand-selected a few and organized them into a series called “Rate Crash”.


Included on RateCrash.com are video recordings of me discussing each of these reports.


Unfortunately, after migrating my websites to a new hosting platform some of the functionality on RateCrash.com was broken, so downloading the reports may not work properly.

The video recordings still work (they are on YouTube), but until I fix the download feature here are links to the reports:

The TRUTH About Mortgage Rates

Market Update – 2017 Q3 Autumn

Market Update – 2018 Q2 Summer

Market Update – 2018 Q4 Winter

You can also listen to the audio from the videos on the “Mortgage Guru Podcast” website.

This will be a podcast I get active with again this year. If you prefer the audio experience here are links to access the audio versions on your preferred platform.


The month of March is almost over, and with it, comes the end of Q1 2022.

While I work on a full length “market update” I suggest you catch-up on the concepts detailed in the previous market updates linked above.

Here are a few snippets from the 2017/2018 reports.

(snapshot 1)


(snapshot 2)


(snapshot 3)


(snapshot 4)


There is already so much to cover, even just in the last few weeks, that I won’t be able to rehash ideas that were already explained.

The current pattern of events is very similar to what unfolded in 2017 – 2018.

The next update will mostly be charts and data sets to show that.

Everything I was talking about back then came true, and although there is a real probability “this time is different”, that is not how I will be placing my bets.


Now, I’m not claiming to be “Nostradamus of Interest Rates”.

In fact, I would say my predictions are not bold.

One might even argue that I’m waiting to feel the water droplets on my face before saying it is going to rain.

I would counter, do not be the idiot who waits until they are drenched before grabbing an umbrella … go check out the market updates now.


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