Start Today


Here is a little montage of Monday Motivation.
I put together a few clips from a rainy afternoon workout.


Yeah, I didn’t feel like doing it today.
The rain would have been a perfect excuse.
However, I pushed myself to get out there and make it happen.
I had an interesting experience during my workout.
WATCH THE VIDEO to see what someone told me.
It might make you smile.
It might give you a spark.
It might be that reminder you needed to turn your day around.
Watch the video, then put the phone down and get after it.


The day isn’t over yet, and the week is just beginning.
Don’t wait until tomorrow.
You said that yesterday.
If you don’t prioritize your health, there is no one else to blame.
It’s not the weather’s fault. 🚫
It’s not your boss’s fault. 🚫
It’s not your kid’s fault. 🚫
It’s not your spouse’s fault. 🚫
The blame is on you.


“I’m tired.” ❌
“I’m hungry.” ❌
“I don’t feel like it.” ❌
“I’ll start tomorrow.” ❌
STOP making excuses. 🛑
You are in control.


In 2020 I committed to training outdoors.
I could barely do 5 pull-ups
Today I did 75…in the RAIN.
You will see my last set of 15 in the montage.
Before I started today I was tired, hungry, and didn’t feel like it.
However, I still made it happen.
I was committed.


Commitment starts with a goal.
Then you follow it up with action.
Turn that action into a habit.
That’s when commitment turns into positive inertia.
It overpowers excuses.
It dominates apathy.


Set Goals. ✅
Take Action. ✅
Commit. ✅
Dominate in life. ✅
You can make it happen. ✅


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