The Game is Rigged


The term “political leader” has become an oxymoron.
Be real, regardless on what side of politics you lean those at the top, who are supposedly representing you, are wildly out of touch.
For how long have you been voting for some version of “hope” or “change”?


Do you really believe a career politician, drunk with power after decades of corruption, is making any decisions with your best interest at heart?
Politics isn’t the only crooked game in town.
How many times have you forced yourself to ignore disgraceful behavior from “so-called” leaders, whether it be in sports, at work, at church, even in your own family?
You keep playing the fool, continually upholding your end of the bargain, while repeatedly getting the short end of the stick.
I’m not suggesting you no longer trust anyone. Please don’t let the toxic behavior of others leave you permanently jaded.
However, maybe it is time to start paying closer attention.
As the saying goes, “if you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and you still don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.”



Likewise, if you realize someone is cheating at the poker table, don’t keep playing, instead leave the table.
Trust your intuition, it’s ok to be skeptical, you have a life full of experiences which reinforce your doubts.
Don’t let those who are corrupted, gaslight you into thinking you are “crazy” or a “conspiracy theorist” because you question the status quo.
Your gut instincts are usually onto something, you just might not have all the evidence yet.
Speaking of, stop taking every bit of information you are given as gospel and start asking questions.
There is often a game being played, the rules of which you are not yet fully aware.
After nearly two decades in finance, I can assure you that game is rigged and most people have no idea.


Ask yourself, “Cui Bono”.
Latin for, “to whom is it a benefit?”
When you do know there is foul play, don’t allow cognitive dissonance to let you be a victim again.
Wise up, level up, and start looking out for “numero uno”.
The cards might be stacked against you, but at least you will know which game you are playing.

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