The New Renaissance


The EVOLUTION of technology is leading to a REVOLUTION of financial independence.
A new renaissance if you will, where creativity, ingenuity, and defiance for doing things the “old way” has fractured the power chain of global elites.
It’s more than a cultural push back.
Life progresses, and human innovation leads the way.


The financial system has been broken for multiple decades.
Why should we participate in a rigged game, designed to enrich those at the top.
This “awakening” is not an overnight phenomenon either.
However, the pace at which people have become “woke” to the fake rule of law and crony capitalism has accelerated rapidly in recent years.
I shared a 4-hour conversation with Radigan Carter earlier this year on my podcast “Money MBA“.
Below you can listen to a highlight from that interview where we discuss how this renaissance is not new, but is just getting started.



Likewise, Radigan Carter recently penned an article that deserves a read.
For anyone who was still apathetic about the state of our financial system, it makes an almost undeniable argument for why the Rubicon has been crossed and there is no turning back.
When the code of ethics is violated, when trust has been destroyed, and when your malaise now has a clear cause, tolerating any further violation makes you culpable for your financial condition.
Truthfully, prosperity was always your own responsibility.
You were coerced into thinking otherwise.
The NEW Renaissance feels almost old, but the revolution of self-sovereignty and the innovation of tools that make it possible has only just begun.
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the 2nd best time is now.
Start planting the seeds today that are necessary for you to prosper tomorrow.



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