Use Your Time Wisely

Do you recall as kid when you and your friends got in trouble?
Did you use the excuse “because they were doing it” to justify your dumb behavior?
If your parents were anything like mine, they probably retorted:
“Just because your friends jump off a bridge, it doesn’t mean you follow them.”



At least this was my Irish-Italian mother’s sassy way of getting the point across that I’m responsible for my own actions, and that mimicking the stupidity of others is not an excuse.
Today is Monday.
According to the calendar it is also Labor Day, a Federal holiday.
There are 11 Federal holidays on the calendar.
If you put in a little over 2 hours of effort towards your goals on these days you can add 24 hours of productivity to your year.
When you consider that most people are only “productive” 4-6 hours a day, and merely “busy” the rest of the time, adding 24 hours is like creating an extra week.
If that doesn’t sound like much, think of every deadline you ever had and what an extra day, not to mention a week, would have meant to you.
In life, you are literally racing your own “dead”line.



Before you know it another year will have gone by, and then suddenly a decade has passed.
We have limited time on earth, and within that an even shorter window to reach our full potential.
Today is an opportunity to take responsibility for yourself.
Your quality of life will be greatly influenced by sacrifice, particularly those others are unwilling to make.
Put forth a little extra effort to get ahead of the pack, and position yourself closer to your goals.
Remember, just because everyone else is jumping off a bridge, doesn’t mean you should do it too.
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