No Cost VA Loans

I have been serving the veteran community and originating VA loans since 2007, long before most loan originators or realtors even knew a VA loan existed.

What separates me from the rest of the industry is not only my experience, but in 15-years of providing veterans and military service members with home financing, I can count on one hand the number of times any of those mortgages cost the borrower ANYTHING.

I’m not just talking about out-of-pocket costs.

Most lenders like to pretend they are providing a good deal but are merely rolling closing costs into the new loan balance which steals home equity.

Considering how frequent active-duty members relocate, even just a single purchase loan or refinance with another lender could mean the borrower sells their home at a loss - especially when you realize that the seller is typically responsible for paying BOTH realtor commissions.

At NO COST VA LOANS we treat our military clients as the priority, not profits.

With over a decade long track record of structuring unique financing strategies for our clients, No Cost VA Loans not only eliminates standard closing costs but can also pay for the upfront mortgage insurance that comes with a VA loan called the VA Funding Fee.

Once again, the “other guys” tell their military borrowers to just “roll the funding fee into the loan, because that is what everyone does”.

Nope, not our clients!

If you truly want to maximize the VA loan benefit, and make sure not a single dollar of your home equity is stolen by lenders with excessive closing costs, then visit to learn more.

My company and I are licensed lenders in most US states and specialize in servicing the military community.

We promise a no pressure experience and guarantee a better rate than any bank or lender. Just make sure you ask about our exclusive “no cost” options

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