Weekly Kut (Dec 19, 2022)

THE WEEKLY KUT – December 19, 2022


Welcome to the WEEKLY KUT where I recap the best social media posts, podcasts, and anything else noteworthy that I shared during the week.

Today we look back at the week of December 12th.

Here is what made the KUT.

    1. Financial Markets “2022 Year in Review”

    2. This year has been a wild ride for markets, particularly mortgage rates.

      In a series of five blog posts, I recap the year and what to expect in 2023.

      In part 5, which will be released on December 23, I discuss the Housing Market.

      However, you can get caught up now with the first four parts.

      Each part provides you with a bite-sized way to digest my coverage of stocks, mortgage rates, and everything else in between.

      Start with Part 1 by clicking HERE.

      JonKutsmeda.com 2022 Year in Review blog posts

    3. Milkshakes, Markets, and Madness Show

    4. My friend Brent Johnson and I have started an “experiment”.

      If you do not know Brent, or his Dollar Milkshake Theory, you can learn more HERE.

      If you get bored by financial podcasts, then tune in for Milkshakes, Markets, & Madness to enjoy the lighter side of finance and off-topic discussions that include sports, politics, memes, travel, and whatever fun (or madness) we find during the week.

      You can check out the latest episodes on my YouTube channel HERE.

      Milkshakes Markets Madness Show Playlist screenshot

    5. YouTube Channel

    6. As I just referenced above, I have a YouTube channel where you watch different types of videos and/or podcasts I create.

      YouTube now has “shorts”, which are short, vertically framed videos, similar to Instagram reels.

      This will be something I experiment with in 2023 for spontaneous mobile phone content, which I already do actively on Instagram.

      To get notified whenever new content is uploaded to YouTube, both shorts and regular videos, I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to my channel HERE.

      Jon Kutsmeda TV YouTube Channel screenshot

    7. Mortgage Guru Podcast

    8. One of the shows you will find on my YouTube channel is the “Mortgage Guru Podcast”.

      I record weekly and will commit to that schedule in 2023. On this show I recap the events of the week and how they related to mortgage rates, real estate, and the overall economy.

      In addition to the video posts on YouTube, you can also listen to the audio versions with your favorite podcast app. Check the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE for the links.

      Mortgage Guru Podcast subscribe page screenshot

    9. Social Media – @jonkutsmeda

    10. The objective of the Weekly Kut is to give you a summary of the content I produce.

      This will include my activity on social media, but not all of it.

      I recommend you follow-up me to see the full range of posts I share throughout the week.

      My handle on all social media apps is the same: @JONKUTSMEDA

      However, I am most active on Twitter and Instagram.

      Here are links to those profiles:

      INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/jonkutsmeda/

      Jon Kutsmeda Instagram profile screenshot

      TWITTER – https://twitter.com/jonkutsmeda

      Jon Kutsmeda Twitter profile screenshot

    11. Jon Kutsmeda Home Page

    12. If you are reading this you already found my home page, JonKutsmeda.com (JKUTS.com).

      The website gives you a central point from which you can access everything.

      My BLOG is here, links to my podcasts, and additional information related to my business(es) including my mortgage companies.

      Jon Kutsmeda mortgage companies page screenshot

    13. Big Announcement Coming

    14. Be sure to check in each week for the Weekly Kut, especially in the first quarter of 2023.

      I will have a very exciting announcement about a TOP SECRET project I have been working on which I believe will have a significant impact on the mortgage industry.
      top secret folder
      You will be able to benefit immediately once it is announced. Stay tuned…

That’s it for now!

Until next week, see you on the blog, on social media, or wherever else you can find me, and stay tuned for the next Weekly Kut.

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