Weekly Kut (Jan 09, 2023)

THE WEEKLY KUT – January 09, 2023


Welcome to the WEEKLY KUT where I recap the best social media posts, podcasts, and anything else noteworthy that I shared during the week.

Today we look back at the week of January 2nd, 2023.

Here is what made the KUT.

    1. Financial Markets “2022 Year in Review”

    2. Have you tried yet to tackle my 2022 Year in Review?

      In a series of five blog posts, I recap the year in financial markets and share what to expect in 2023.

      Here is the breakdown of what you will learn in each part.

      PART 1 – The Fed

      PART 2 – Inflation

      PART 3 – Stocks, Bonds, Rates

      PART 4 – Yield Curves

      PART 5 – Housing Market

      Each part in the list above is hyperlinked so you can jump to whichever post you want, but I recommend you start with PART 1.

      JonKutsmeda.com 2022 Year in Review blog posts

    3. Mortgage Rate Arbitrage

    4. Also on the blog, this week I shared a new post called MORTGAGE RATE ARBITRAGE.

      This post is particularly important for anyone who in the past has worked with me on a strategic refinance.

      Even clients that have refinanced multiple times with me over the years, who have heard me lecture about “chasing rate” and the importance of recuperation, still have a tendency to be lured by the illusion of paying points for a lower rate.

      Did you give up a half-percent (0.50%) or less in 2020-21 for lender rebate, and the opportunity to refinance lower assuming the bond market would rally further, only to watch mortgage rates pause, pivot, and skyrocket to the highest level in decades?

      If so, then this post is for you and should give you some peace of mind that you actually won, and the game is still not over!

      JonKutsmeda.com Mortgage Rate Arbitrage blog post

    5. Milkshakes, Markets, and Madness Show

    6. Last time I shared the news of a new “show” my friend Brent Johnson and I started, called MILKSHAKES, MARKETS, MADNESS.

      If you do not know Brent, or his Dollar Milkshake Theory, you can learn more HERE.

      If you get bored by financial podcasts, then tune in to enjoy the lighter side of finance and off-topic discussions that include sports, politics, memes, travel, and whatever fun (or madness) we find during the week.

      The latest episode, which is the first of 2023, is our most popular yet and can be viewed on my YouTube channel HERE.

      Milkshakes Markets Madness Show Playlist screenshot

    7. Mortgage Guru Podcast

    8. Another show I produce each week that you can listen to or find on my YouTube channel is the “Mortgage Guru Podcast”.

      The latest episode is now live

      Check the SUBSCRIPTION PAGE for the links.

      Mortgage Guru Podcast subscribe page screenshot

    9. Social Media – @jonkutsmeda

    10. This week I shared a few posts on social media you will likely find valuable.

      The most popular way to view them is on my instagram page, but you can also easily find me on your favorite social media app by visiting the social media page on my website JKUTS.com.

      In my last two posts I discuss if “The Worst is over for the Housing Market“,

      and I share my thoughts on whether “Real Estate Crowdfunding is a Good Investment“.

      Mortgage Guru Podcast subscribe page screenshot

That’s it for now!

Until next week, see you on the blog, on social media, or wherever else you can find me, and stay tuned for the next Weekly Kut.

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