Weekly Kut (Feb 13, 2023)

THE WEEKLY KUT – February 13, 2023


Welcome to the WEEKLY KUT where I recap the best social media posts, podcasts, and anything else noteworthy that I shared during the week.

Today we look back at the week of February 6th, 2023.

Here is what made the KUT.

    1. Incoming…

    2. Today is Monday.

      There is a good chance that by the time you read this, financial markets will be in a freak out.

      Find out why by reading my latest blog post from this weekend – COMING IN HOT

      JonKutsmeda.com Coming in Hot Goldilocks Inflation blog post

    3. Game Over

    4. In the above blog post I reference a 90-second video I did that explains why the Fed is most likely done raising rates.

      Watch it on your preferred social media platform:





      The single most important factor will be announced tomorrow, so make sure you still read the “COMING IN HOT” blog post.

    5. Mortgage Rate Arbitrage

    6. My blog post “MORTGAGE RATE ARBITRAGE” is now a month old but is just as timely as the day I shared it.

      In fact, many of the concepts I have been writing about for years.

      However, after a year of rapid Fed rate hikes and subsequently misplaced homeowner refi regret, we are quickly approaching a turning point in the recent mortgage rate melt-up.

      Most homeowners lack perspective as to how we got here, how to play the current market conditions, and most notably, how much better off they are now “if” they used my Mortgage Rate Arbitrage strategies.

      For anyone who has purchased a home recently, or has been exploring a potential refinance, be sure to read this post (and the additional resources provided) to avoid making short-sighted financing decisions today.

      Shooting yourself in the foot now could prove financially fatal, just when mortgages are about to experience a BIG RATE DROP.

      JonKutsmeda.com Mortgage Rate Arbitrage blog post

    7. 7 Things

    8. As a good companion to the Mortgage Rate Arbitrage article I reference above, I suggest you check out another recent blog post I shared called “7-Things You Need to Know Before You Get a HELOC”.

      There are plenty of other resources shared in the article, including a link to 90-second video summary.

      Everyone has 90-seconds to spare to make sure they don’t make the wrong refinance decision amidst the highest mortgage rates (and HELOC rates) in decades.

      JonKutsmeda.com 7 Things Before You Refinance blog post

    9. Twitter Polls

    10. I recently ran two polls on Twitter.

      The results are very telling.

      Realtor value Twitter poll screenshot

      I wonder, hmmm, why did I ask these specific questions?

      Mortgage LO value Twitter poll screenshot

      Could I be up to something?

    11. Milkshakes, Markets, and Madness Show

    12. If you haven’t been keeping up with Brent and I on MILKSHAKES, MARKETS, MADNESS, there has been a lot of great discussions, including those about the recent Fed rate hike.

      Check out the latest episodes by visiting MilkshakesPod.com or you can watch them directly on my YouTube Channel HERE.

    13. Social Media – @jonkutsmeda

    14. In recent years I have been mostly active on Twitter and Instagram over the years, shying away from Facebook and LinkedIn.

      The latter two turned me off years ago because of the relentless spamming.

      However, because they are still used by many people who otherwise don’t use social media, I have refreshed both profiles and started also posting to those accounts.

      You can now follow me and see my latest content on both:



      Please connect with me on whichever is your preferred, or on all of them, including TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

That’s it for now!

Until next week, see you on the blog, on social media, or wherever else you can find me, and stay tuned for the next Weekly Kut.

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