Where Are You Going?


The fastest way from A to B is …
Well, first of all, where are you going?
Without a clear goal in mind you have no chance of reaching your destination because it doesn’t exist … yet.
The actual saying goes “the fastest way between two points is a straight line”.
However, life doesn’t work that way.
The journey is never going to be linear.
Everyday you are constantly navigating obstacles and distractions.
Well, maybe you are not navigating them at all.
Do you feel like a pinball that just gets bopped around by whatever exists around you?


If you don’t have a goal then you will be easily steered off course.
But, if you have a clearly defined objective in mind you will have less trouble dodging pot holes and road blocks.
Most people can be easily misdirected.
Not just on the path they are going physically, but also emotionally.
How quickly do you get upset by the actions of others?


We have limited control of our environment, especially when it comes to the choices other people make.
Although we can control what we do, and how we respond to outside influences.
Shifting your perspective about things can make the impact on you less burdensome.
However, if you are lasered focused on a goal you will be almost invincible to distraction.
With a clear goal in mind you can easily filter out the noise and only focus on the things which will help you get what you want in life.
Yesterday, I shared a video on IG TV:
If you have not watched that yet, I highly recommend that you do.
I provide a breakdown of 3 simple steps you can start implementing today to help you reach your goals faster.
Spoiler alert, one of those steps has to do with goal setting.
The fastest way from A to B is not a straight line, it is first knowing where you are going.
The life you always wanted is out there, but without getting clear about what that is, you will never obtain it.
Check out the video in my IG TV feed, and add the other two steps today.

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