Would You Risk it All?

If you had $1 million dollars would you risk it all to “possibly” make $10 million?
If you had $10M would you risk it all for $100M?
If you had $100M would you risk it all for $1 billion?
Billionaires make their fortunes by taking BIG RISKS.
Whether you like them personally or not, names like Musk, Bezos, Branson, built their empires by taking huge risks and going all in on their dreams.


Sounds romantic, but very few have the courage to do it.
Right now you are probably scared to part with $100 for a logo design or to build a website.
Maybe you are guarding $1,000 instead of sponsoring an event at a local trade show.
I bet you are petrified by the idea of dropping $10,000 to build a prototype for your own idea.
You miss every opportunity you do not take, and without a leap of faith you will never achieve the greatness for which you are destined?
The same is true for big business.
A company can hire the greatest CEO and pay them gratuitously.
Yet, they will only do what it takes to keep the wheels from falling off, instead of considering how to make wheels obsolete.



Saving without investing is hoarding.
It is driven by a scarcity mindset.
It will never make you prosperous or wealthy, regardless how you choose to measure either.
Only in a mindset of abundance can you go forth fearlessly and take risks that others would perceive as perilous, but to you are merely what it takes to bring your dreams forward and change the world.
The world is abundant, and the resources of creativity and courage, limitless.
Go forth my friends, and conquer your dreams.
The risks are high, but the whole world is counting on you.


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